Searching out the SECRET SPOTS together, because suicide sucks!

Suicide rates in Colorado are significantly higher than the national average, and mental health issues are a growing concern in our ski/snowboard communities. Many of our friends and family are affected by depression and suicide, and we believe it is time for change. We will no longer sit on the sidelines as we lose friends and family. Our desire is to expose these “SECRET SPOTS” by bringing these issues into the light and inviting others to share their stories of hope. We know that overcoming these issues needs to be a Team Challenge, because it is not easy for anyone to do so alone. There is support in our communities, and we want to provide the opportunity for those that need help to find it.


To raise funds for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, to educate the public on the problems of mental illness and suicide in ski and snowboard communities and to offer practical, healthy solutions moving forward.


The Secret Spot Challenge is the first all-mountain, ski/snowboard scavenger-hunt-style team challenge of it's kind. The physical challenges encourage team-building and transparent peer communication. The mental challenges include puzzles that educate on the problem of suicide in mountain towns and equip those involved to practically engage in the effort against suicide.




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Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ

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